Patron Bonus Powers:

1st Level:
Force Sensitive -
At 1st level you have the ability to be attached to the force irrevocably. You can feel the force flowing through all things and can sense it in others. You can use it to guide the story and your decisions. Your DM can give you story clues and even premonitions that the Force can show you, based on how attuned you are.
Highly Trained -
Also at 1st level your force attunement opens you to more skills. Choose one additional skill that is fitting to your character concept and you are now proficient. Typical skills chosen are athletics, acrobatics, perception or any of the 4 knowledge skills: arcana, nature, history or religion. Get your DMs approval on your selection.
6th Level:
Force Luck (Dark One’s Own Luck) – Using the force to try to alter fate.
10th Level:
14th Level:
Blindsense – The sense of the force allows them to detect creatures they cannot see.

Expanded spells

1st: shield, detect magic
2nd: augury, enhance ability
3rd: nondetection, haste
4th: staggering smite, divination
5th:Telekenisis, Bigsby’s Hand

Mystic Arcanum expanded spells

7th: Mordenkainen’s Sword -this could be flavored as just enhancing the light saber damage and/or allowing throwing the blade for ranged melee attacks. Plus it allows you to use your caster spell casting ability for the attack roll if that is a higher bonus.
9th: Foresight

Jedi Power Classifications

Youngling: Levels 1-2
Padawan: Levels 3-8
Jedi Knight: Levels 9-16
Jedi Master: Levels 17-20


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